Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Regarding Virginia Tech- Off Topic Obviously

First let me say that I am praying for all the students, the parents, the victims and their families. I have a teenager and I know how much I worry dropping him off at high school everyday. I know the parents are terrified and worried sick and I know there are many that feel blessed that their children are alright.

This has become a very tough world and I really feel like our government officials need to find a way to remove the massive amount of stress parents deal with. When our kids are really young we have to worry about kidnappings and child molestors. As they age we still need to worry about these things and then we have to add school violence throughout middle and high school. Now, we can clearly see that we cannot stop worrying about school violence when they go to college.

When you combine these worries with other worries, such as drug & alcohol abuse, HIV, girlfriend/boyfriend issues, teen driving, rape etc. you can see that parents have an enormous amount of things to worry about. I do believe people have a right to own a gun, but there needs to be some major changes in this country. How many more young people have to die before people understand that major change is needed?

Someone needs to TRULY step up and make some changes. I feel President Bush's statement was as true as any statement could be...

"Schools should be places of safety, sanctuary and learning. When that sanctuary is violated, the impact is felt in every American classroom in every American community."

Melissa Fach

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